PicArt Film Co. is a sales agency, specializing in independent Iranian feature fiction, animation and documentary titles. We believe every film has its own character and distinction and especially, independent films rely on meticulous marketing, risk-taking, considerable positioning, and of course, a lot of luck, which is why we aim to provide an adaptable service working  coefficiently with filmmakers to assure them that they are best represented across all markets worldwide.

We will watch and offer an assessment of your film and counsel you in the first stage on how to place your film best across the international festival circuit – thus reaching audiences, but also building a distribution plan, with a list of appropriate festivals and international distributor suggestions.

We’re committed to supporting and nurturing the potential filmmaking talents of tomorrow, as well as established filmmakers in reaching new audiences. As part of our agreement with filmmakers, we make sure you hold onto your rights, which is an important part of the distribution process, and work on all fields, including theatrical, television, in-flight, and educational sales.


Representation is a forthright process, but it’s also a long term commitment. For independent or art-house titles, our first priority is placing a film usually with a major festival – the kind that drives promotion and prices (eg: Toronto, Cannes, Berlin). Without the launch at a major class-A festival, independent film titles have a little chance to be picked up by international distributors. If a film has not yet premiered, we would aim to push it towards a major festival.

Throughout the year we attend over 20 festivals including Cannes, Berlin, Busan, Venice, Karlovy Vary, San Sebastian, TIFF, IDFA, DOK Leipzig, Sheffield, Visions du Réel, Dubai etc. With so many major festivals a year, it’s important to be selective, but we aim to best represent films across all markets, regardless of attendance.

We look at positioning films in the markets practically, to be considered by attending buyers. Generally, the largest markets are Cannes, Berlin, AFM, the new Asian Film Market and a number of smaller ones like Thessaloniki or Dubai. In the case of documentaries there are markets at IDFA, Sheffield, HotDocs etc.

With our commitment to supporting Iranian filmmakers and restricted lineup, we look forward to working with you.